Daily UI Challenge

To improve my UI and visual skills, I started to do Daily UI Chanllenge(each project should be finished in one day) since August, 2017. During this time, I have chance to touch mobile apps, websites, banners, icons, illustrations and a lot of different designs.

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Daily 23 - Onboarding

3 onboarding pages design for a booking mobile app

Daily 26 - Subscribe

A subscribe web page

Daily 45 - Info Card

A mobile app design for viewing movies' information

Daily 50 - Job Listing

A mobile app design for viewing a list of jobs

Daily 38 - To do list

A to-do list mobile app design

Daily 22 - Search

A web page for searching flights

Daily 44 - Favorites

A mobile app page for saving your favorite destinations

Daily 34 - Car Interface

A simple and clean car interface

Daily 35 - Blog Post

A blog web page design

Daily 43 - Menu

A mobile app page - food/drink menu

Daily 46 - Invoice

An invoice web page design

Daily 19 - Leaderboard

A leaderboard mobile page design for showing top 10 ranks

Daily 03 - Landing Page

A landing page for website

Daily 15 - Toggle

Using day and night concepts to represent On and Off

Daily 09 - Music Player

A music mobile app design

Daily 27 - Dropdown

A general dropdown menu

Daily 41 - Workout Tracker

A cute workout tracker web page