Airbnb Campaign

Campaign is the main business for the growth of Airbnb China. I started as the only experience designer for campaign since August, 2019 and led 7 major campaigns which broungt total 2.4x nights lift and 2.0x new user signup lift. And I also designed the first campaign foundation platform with abundant innovative design components which saved 80% time for campaign page configuration. I worked in a big cross-functional team with Operation Managers, Product Manager, Content Strategist, Visual Designer, Engineers and Data Scientist.

Please see more details in Airbnb Campaign Design Presentation

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My Role

Experience Designer





Minsu Festival Campaign

CNY Campaign

Spring Campaign

May Day Campaign


August, 2019 - Current

The Vision & Mission of Campaign

The vision is to build an attractive, effective and market-sensitive travel campaign for China travellers

Following with travel seasons and public holidays, build campaign as the core power to drive overall booking lift, acquire users and gain market share by making perfect match between seasonal demand and listings

The Timeline of Campaigns

7 major campaigns and a campaign foundation platform have been launched, and here are some main points:

May Day Campaign


Affected by the virus, the strategy of May Day Campaign is different with previous campaigns. By discussing with operation managers, we figured it out like this:

Design Solutions

End-to-End Campaign Upsell

From Splash Page, Popup, Marquee on P1, Banner on P2 and Badge on P3, we built an end-to-end circle to attract users to enter the May Day Landing Page. Marquee was the main entry which brought 40% of users. We also learned that Popup and Badge on P3 work better than other entries which attracted 40% users in total.

Navigation Tab

The main theme focused on short haul trip. At the bottom of page, users can switch 5 landing pages, including 4 different regions of domestic short haul trip recommendations and 1 outbound trip recommendation.

Content in Landing Page

In the landing page, there are key visual providing the atmosphere, tabs navigating different listing cards, context card explaining different themes, brand vendor section showing high-quality listing collections, and viral game entries brought user traffic to the WOM track.

Coupon Claimed

Tab Switch

The Process of Building Campaign Foundation

Before exploring May Day Campaign, I focused on delivering the first foundation platform for campaign. Without guidance, I created the platform from 0 to 1 and after that, other working teams started to build their foundation platform under the guidance of campaign's.

Figure Out Problems

Learnings From Previous Campaigns

Learnings From Competitors

Solutions - Build Campaign Foundation

From learnings and operation requirements, I figured out abudant design components to support different kinds of user needs.

Flexible Navigation

Parallel Campaign Venues

Promotion Atmosphere





Comparison between Previous Layout and New