I worked as a UI&UX Designer in EFI which is a digital printing technology company from Oct. 2013 to May 2015. Our product design team had 3 designers. My mission is broadly, including interection design, user research and visual design. I am mainly working on our core product named Fiery.

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What am I doing?

At EFI, I am working on multiple projects meanwhile. The usual workflow is figuring out business needs, collecting feedback from internal and external users, brainstorming ideas with directors and colleagues, drawing wireframes, designing the hi-fi or interactive prototypes and conducting user testing. And I also draw and collect the whole set of icons for all of our applications, create the standard visual guidelines for our team and do some front-end developments. Our current software version hasn't updated more than 10 years, so my current work is to make the better next generation products.

For EFI products, there is another challenge for me. EFI brings a lot of softwares which are only for professional customers, so those products are very complicated with specific functions in this printing industry. Every time before I start to design, I need to understand a lot of proper nouns and figure out the workflow clearly which I never get in touch with before in a very short time. This process makes me improve my self-learning ability and not be afraid to know and use new things.

Project 1 - Redesign Login Process

This is a one week project to redesign Login process on our main software - CWS6.

The Previous Design

For the previous "Login" process, the engineer just design one interface to realize more than 3 tasks (“Type server name or IP address”, “Search list” and “Login”). Based on this interface, I interviewed 4 users, summarized their feedback and provided my solutions.

My Design

Based on the collected feedback, I redesign the login process. There are 5 main features to make the process to be easy-understanding.

Project 2 - Web Tool

Web tool is website that helps users to view and manage their applications online. From it, users can check the printing process, manange packages, view download list, organize documents, backup and restore system, and look at settings.

Project 3 - Icon Guideline

After the second month that I joined EFI, my manager asked me to create an icon design guideline for the whole team. It was not a small task, so before I started to make a new one for ourselves, I had explored a lot of others’ guidelines like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM. We mainly need 4 sizes of icons. All of them must be looked sharply and consistently, like the icon’s internal and external strokes must be 1 px at least. I also made an icon creation example for others to refer.

Project 4 - CWS6 Logo Design

For the next generation of Command Workstation, I brainstorm several ideas for the new logo. With the concepts of fiery and workstation, I try to combine these two concepts and keep the logo simple and attractive.