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Marin Software is an online cross-channel advertising company. I joined Marin Software at May, 2017 as the sole UX designer. I am the UX design lead and work with 8 product managers and 10 front-end engineers to deliver a leading enterprise SaaS product helping advertisers with marketing optimization, analytics, and campaign management. There are three main products MarinOne, Marin Search and Marin Social I am working on.

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My Role

UX Design Lead








Marin Search

Marin Social


May, 2017 - Current

What is MarinOne?

As consumers spend more and more time accessing search, social, video and mobile, digital advertising is becoming increasingly important. Even though there are a lot of online single-channel advertising platforms, users are lack of a platform to aggregate and analyze data from different channels effectively.

MarinOne is the next generation advertising platform. It provides the solution to combine search, social and e-commerce channels into a single platform which enables users to compare data constantly. With MarinOne, users can find the right advertising services with less time, less money, but higher revenue.

The video introduces MarinOne briefly with all the interfaces designed by me.

What am I doing here?

As the sole UX Designer, I am working with 8 product managers, 10 front-end developers in three offices (San Francisco, Portland and London) on MarinOne, Marin Search and Marin Social(previous versions) simultaneously. I am proud that MarinOne has been launched in June, 2018. Within only 5 months, more than 120 customers have been already onboard.

I collaborate very closely with product managers, front-end engineers and customer success team. Here is my general working process with them.

Information Architecture

Because MarinOne is very complicated and functional, I drew an information architecture to get the whole picture easier.

Case Study 1 - Dashboard


Currently MarinOne provides reporting capability only under one specific grid, so users can only view performance data for each grid one by one. There is no way to analyze data across different grids in one single view.


The goal to design dashboard is that users can have a powerful platform to better visualize, monitor and analyze gathered data in one single view.

Business Goal


Home Page

This is the first page when users open MarinOne and where users can view a visual and customizable summary of performance data. For first-time users, it shows a default dashboard with line charts and tables for search campaigns, social campaigns and search ads.

List of Dashboards

There is a list of all saved dashboard. Users can create new dashboards, edit, duplicate or delete existed dashboards, and set a default dashboard for home page.

View Dashboard

After clicking a dashboard on the list, users can view it and choose to edit it.

Create/Edit Dashboard

It puts users in control of what data to include and what layout to view it in. Based on the blocks background, users can organize each widget easily.

To get the final mockups, there are several iterations. Here I listed two previous versions. The main differences are the way to add new widgets and the background layout.

Previous Version 1

Previous Version 2

Customers' Feedback


Account Manager

UI is great and clean, and I can manipulate it quite freely and easily. For more feedback, I would like to export the dashboard as pdf or other kinds.


Account Analyst

Dashboard is something that I am still trying to work through. It is good that dashboard gives us a high-level view of the account.

Case Study 2 - Saved Views

Users need to save the customized views within any of the main grids, including search and social, and they also want to switch between these views quickly. That's where Saved Views come in handy.

Switch between "Saved Views" and "Create New"

Pain Point

These two icons are very confusing, and not intuitive, especially for the "three dots" icon.

Updated Version

Share View

Pain Point

There is no URL to copy that users can't share their views with others through emails or chat.

Updated Version

Update Saved View

Pain Point

If a user changes something on a saved view, there is no way to update it.

Updated Version

Case Study 3 - Chart

This is my first big project since I joined Marin Software. In the Marin Software 1.0, chart is a really important feature to show data directly for users. In Marin One, I redesign this feature to make it more simple and consistent with current design.

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Bar Chart

Scatter Chart

Bubble Chart

Case Study 4 - TruePath

Marin TruePath is a cross-channel measurement solution that provides you with actionable insights based on the customer journey. With view-level conversion data that accounts for each device, marketers can finally make more informed budget allocation decisions.

Marin TruePath links Google, Facebook and Bing impression, click, and conversion data across devices. This provides a complete view of the customer journey, allowing accurate measurement, conversion de-duplication, and optimization of your budget across all of your addressable marketing channels.

Case Study 5 - Pacing Dashbboard

Pacing dashboard provides a platform to: